Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tell Me About World War II Again?

Didn't Roosevelt push us into WWII by letting the Japs attack us in Pearl Harbor?

Probably. Thing to remember, though: The US had to get into WWII, otherwise chances were that Russia would have invaded the whole of the European Subcontinent and turned it into a Soviet Frontline.

The invasion at Normandy didn't do as much to defeat the Germans as people think. The Germans had already lost in Russia, and they were beginning to start the rolling that would have taken them to Germany by 1943. What the Invasion of Normandy did was to end the war a bit quicker in the European front, and put up a de facto limit to Soviet ambitions.

Think I'm joking? Consider that Stalin had people set up to run France, Italy, Germany and Spain hand-picked. That they ended up in the Gulag instead showed what Normandy did.

Also, look at 1984, the now nearly forgotten book by George Orwell. In it, he had the European mainland under the control of "Eurasia" (the Soviets). Seems like an odd way of splitting the continent given what happened, but had the US not joined in the battle there was no way England could have made a move onto Europe.

So while Roosevelt may have pushed the US into WWII, I have no problem with that. Sometimes a little dishonesty can help towards the common good, and remember: we're talking about reality, not some perfect world where everything goes according to the rules of right and wrong.

We're sure the Allies knew about the Concentration Camps. Why didn't they do anything about them until they invaded?

First off, where would the prisoners have gone had they been given the chance to escape? Everything around them was surrounded by people who were overeager to show their hatred (or so they knew -- while there were thousands and thousands of Jews hidden away by friends and right-doers, nobody was supposed to know about that) and there were still armed guards roaming about.

Besides, had the Germans seen Auschwitz (or another camp) bombed, they would have taken people from the front to kill the people within the camps. They had already made the death of the Jews more important than the conduct of the war by 1942, otherwise they may have been able to at least make a decent defense of their fatherland. Imagine if they saw a threat of their prisoners running away and invading the countryside -- Imagine instead thousands of Commies looking in front of them and seeing the enemy running away like mad without any provocation. Say goodbye "Paris," hello "Leningrad, France."

Again, the truth is out there. You just have to know how to look.

And that includes what NOT to be distracted by.

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