Monday, September 19, 2005

Don't Tell Me...

No, you're not seeing fiction...

Bad enough that the student body makes an effort to be boorish and riotous. Now we got our Gridiron representatives doing stupid shit like this.

Stuff like this makes it harder and harder to be proud to be a Spartan.

Yes, I know we're supposed to support our team. Still, it's not like we're the newest kids on the block. Maybe in 1950, but there should be SOME sense of decorum after fifty-five years (or so) of Big 10 Membership. Plus these guys are adults (or at least they SHOULD be...).

One wonders what would happen if, next year, ND came into Spartan Stadium, won the game, and planted THEIR flag in the middle of the turf?

Thing is, this game has meant almost nothing. MSU has always found ways to fall behind U of M in some way, even after a victory over them. It's almost as if they've substituted this game for what they should aim at: Winning the Big 10 conference, or at least finish above Michigan those years they defeat them.

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