Saturday, September 03, 2005

Second Thoughts about Katrina's Aftermath

While I have had no problem with explaining the wait for help, there are a few things I'm concerned about:
  • I'm sure everyone knows that the government knew about the sinking levees in New Orleans, yet they did less and less as the War in Iraq went on. I'm sure that Shrub Jr. felt it necessary to insure that those of us living day-to-day were giving our daily tithe to the rich, but surely they must know that killing the poor only impoverishes us...
  • Is it me, or has the government declared war on Democrats and Liberals? First the Enron thing (California, and I would hate to see how far it would have gone had Enron been financially sound), then New York (9/11) and Chicago (the planes used in 9/11), now New Orleans (a convenient hurricane and neglect). Think of it -- had this Houston, the levees would have been made to hold off Level 7 hurricanes, and finished before 9/11 besides.
  • Not sure how things are going on television, but I've been following on radio (a couple of on-air hosts on talk shows have tackled the issue with grace, flair and power) and they seem to be handling the "looter" and "refugee" question well. Maybe because pictures show more clearly the racial divide of what's going on there.
  • What's this about all these people blaming those left behind. As I said before, there's good reason to hate those too stubborn to move away and those who stayed behind to loot; but most of those there were there because they couldn't afford an escape. It's not like everyone has an SUV that can float on water; too many NO residents had trouble affording bus fare.
  • And what's this about the people wanting to rescue others and the military saying "no?" One would think that people going in would be allowed.

Curiouser and curiouser. Will need to pay more attention to other sources.


Xtine said...

yes yes keep talking about all of it. the more we question what the hell went wrong in New Orleans the more we slowly regain the ability to more effectively control our government and ultimately choose it.

SparcVark said...

Yes, because lord knows levees are easy to build. It only took the Dutch forty years to finish their project, and all that was at stake for them was half their country. It must be so nice to be a conspiracynik - none of that bothersome "chance" hindering judgement.