Sunday, May 01, 2005

Topic: Michigan State

MSU Meditations I: Intro
Beginning thoughts on what I feel is going on at Michigan State University (and by extension the Universities in general).
MSU Meditations II: Remembering The Past
What I think made Michigan State great, and what's now making MSU shameful.
MSU Meditations I: The Athletic Side
What I've heard, what I remember, and why my memory don't mean shit against what's now said.
MSU Meditations IV: Student Life
What the students have done, and why it grieves me so.
MSU Meditations V: Not Just At Michigan State
Why my bemoaning of Michigan State's problems is not just a bemoaning of Michigan State's problems.

Topic: Music

Why I Don't Like "The Jack" Radio Format
Thoughts about the newest "Oldies" format. And no, I don't like it.
MGM vs Grockster: The Potential Fallout
Looking At The Case and it's minimal Fallout. Universal v Sony still stands.
Thoughts on File Sharing And It's Fallout
A look through conflicted eyes. Something about the past doesn't stand up.
P2P Networks: Are We Being Guinea Pigs?
I have my nagging suspicions about the true intent of P2P networks.