Tuesday, August 23, 2005

MSU Meditations IV: Student "Life"

March 27, 1999: I was on the west side of the Lansing area. Michigan State had just lost their Final Four game to Duke, the eventual champions. And I'm risking a fight with a Notre Dame guy three inches taller than me because on the television screen is a bunch of brats setting couches on fire and bragging on their beating the Police!

Now, I'm aware of the history of MSU riots, and until this date some actually made sense. You had times when the cops were kept from beating up on students, and times when the students went ape-shit on each other. There were also times when a so-called riot was nothing but people having fun, with the "riot" moniker added on as a scare tactic.

March 27, 1999 was sheer stupidity. They lost the game, so they decided to tear shit up.

And worse yet: they continue with this pattern; with the exception being a controlled celebration after the 2000 NCAA basketball championship.

Guess what: I get to hear Radio talk show hosts rip on MSU students and graduates. They're linked with the worst of the Cubs fans, and when the latest version of March 27, 1999 happens I get to hear thoughts of a pre-emptive carpet bombing of East Lansing so as to clear the land of all stupid people.

As the "Udder University" always in the shadow of the Behomouth in Ann Arbor, you should know your actions are looked at more closely. Many look at you, hoping to God that you'll mess up and act like the vicous brats they pray for you to be. It's up to you to live to a higher standard, NOT DOWN TO WHERE THE HATERS WANT TO BE ACT!

From a Spartan, who tries to take pride in his school despite the actions of idiots (and it's not always easy, let me tell you...).

In case you think this is ONLY about Michigan State University...

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