Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pamala Barsky's Notepads

Pamela Barsky's Website

Having seen the above (or versions of the above) in a store a couple weeks ago, I finally got a chance to look at the booklets up close and personal. Alas, I found them wanting.

The size of the booklets are perfect sized, and the paper is good. The cover is a bit flimsy and the wire binding is adequate. There is an interesting style, which includes the use or words (such as the teasingly self-depricating titles on some of the tablets).

The biggest problem with this, though, is that while the paper is blank (nothing wrong with that, mind you -- if you're a drawer or drafter), she includes a template for drawing lines on the paper to write on. I understnd why she'd do that -- adding flexibility to a notebook so one could draw OR write -- but I don't want to put in lines so I can write. Call me spoiled (after all, lines on paper is a relatively recent development), but if I want to write on something I'll want lines to help guilde me.

When she finally includes lines in the notepads she intends for writing in, maybe I'll consider buying a notepad from her. As I said, I like the style. But until then, I'm leaving them alone.

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pamela barsky said...

i'm sorry you find my journals "wanting". personally, i consider a blank page an invitation to be creative, but to each his own.