Saturday, August 06, 2005

Governor Alan Keyes?

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has served but half his term, and already there's challengers to his governorship.

From what I've heard, it makes sense. The guy can't even keep things straight in his own camp, and he recently caved in to the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) when they threatened to violently gut transit service if they weren't given a bunch of money.

Now there's already a few guys out to challenge Blagojevich. However, these guys haven't even been able to win their own primaries. With the Ryans unable to follow up on their tainted name, that leaves one person to run.

That's right -- Alan Keyes. The guy for who the answer to everything is: "Stop Abortion." Doesn't matter that the question is "How do we get enough money for the new I-70 bridge over the Mississippi river" or "Wal-Mart just threatened to move into my town. How do I stop it?"

Sad thing is, I can see this guy winning. Just portray Blagojevich as a pawn of Corrupt Chicago. Daley's already under a lethal attack, any help he gives Blagojevich could end up hurting the Governor.

But then, who knows? Alan Keyes tends to enter races he knows he can't win; and besides he's still not finished with the persecution of his nonbreeder daughter. Maybe the Economy will save Rod in the meantime.

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