Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Where a Friend Moved

During a recent trip, we stopped off at a friend's house. She moved in it during the summer.

Her stated reason for moving there was to be as close to the school as she could. That way, her boys could do their school activities without her having to take time to chase them down. She even showed me the route to the place.

Makes sense. But I had other suspicions as to her choice of places, starting with the ract that the place where we turn off the highway to get to her place runs behind a Wal-Mart.

And the Wal-Mart isn't alone there. Turns out it's the main center of business for the town (and no, I'm not talking about downtown). Nearby is the Target, a Kohl's, grocery stores, other strip mall stores, and an enclosed mall. Further north are the Home Depot and Lowe's; and other developments are going on to the north.

So I wonder: was the school just the excuse? There's a school on the other side of town, one near other residential areas. While closer to the College, it's in no way close enough to be disturbed by college students. Plus, this friend has sons instead of daughters, there's little chance of them being corrupted by college girls before going to college.

Just wondering...

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