Monday, August 08, 2005

You Know, I Thought We Were Gonna Conquer Space

A Rocket To Nowhere

I remember as a kid, watching the first moon landing. Barely, but I remember watching it. It was supposed to be this major advance on the ladder of progress. There was also talk of a base on the moon, and even onto mars.

Not it looks like we're truely going to be limited to airplanes.

Here's the sad part: our Corporatista representatives in Washington are so hell-bent on the evil of government (and the holy good of corporations) that they're waiting for private enterprise to make ships to go to space. Meanwhile Europe and China are working to make stuff to enter into space, and should either nation/group of nations decide to colonize, they'll be in a position to bomb us (with real bombs, or with shit) from an unassailable perch.

What's even sadder is that we're seeing a phenomenon that many of us thought could never happen in the modern world: Knowledge Loss. That's right: We've lost the knowledge of how to fly to the moon, and soon we'll lose even the knowledge of flying up to space (read the comments below).

More on the losing of knowledge later this week -- maybe tomorrow.

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