Monday, September 05, 2005

New Orleans = Sodom Of The South?

I've got another theory why the Bush White House and his Neo-Con house and senate let things go in New Orleans until the dikes broke, then fiddled while Rome flooded over: They saw New Orleans as the Sodom of The South, and Hurricane Katrina as Divine Justice on the sinner's city.

Remember, we're talking about 22 percent of the voting electorate who voted for Moral Issues; 44% of Bush's vote. These are the people who believe that creation took 144 hours, and don't care if they get used and abused by the powers that be as long as in the future they can imprison abortion providers for acts they do today (say good-bye to ex-post-facto law bans) and use those who LOOK like they might be gay as kindling for Homecoming rally bonfires.

Of course, the most vocal of the NO=Sodom believers (gays who hate themselves and hide it behind gay-bashing beliefs) make it out to be a Gay thing. However, most would point to the weeks leading up to Mardi Gras, when Women are expected to expose their chests for beads. Then there's the fact that one could wake up at six AM, feel the need to drink, and find open bars to satisfy your thirst. Add into that the fact that New Orleans in under Sea Level, and you get the image of a City under the thumb of a patient yet angry God and a people unwilling to turn and repent.

Just like Sodom.

And since the prevailing belief system of america is a new-agish twist on Christianity (You are doing what you want. Anything otherwise is a lie, since where you are is where you have chosen to be, and thus want to be), it's obvious they believe the people there were getting their just desserts. They were the unrepentant (according to these people) and thus they should be punished.

That would explain why the dikes were never fixed after constant warnings. And why the poor are being blamed for not escaping what they couldn't escape.

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