Friday, September 23, 2005

As I Said Before; "Benign Neglect" Is Destroying New Orleans

Experts Say Faulty Levees Caused Much of Flooding -- so says the Washington Post.

I remember when I put up my earlier thoughts about how the government destroyed New Orleans with "Benign Neglect". Someone from the Shrub Jr. Choir yelled at me because I didn't parrot his thoughts.

Well guess what: Turns out they DID have forty years of planning behind those levees. Bad funding, bad planning (Category 3 ONLY?) and bad construction left the levee system weaker than it should have been. Not only that, but the storm turned out to be weaker than originally thought -- the water surge turned out to not make it up to the top of the Lake Ponchatrain dikes, as it should have had the storm actually hit New Orleans as a Level 4 Hurricane.

Sadly (and I say this as a Progressive/Liberal), it is the Democrats who were to blame for this. This was started under their watch, from local to state to national. Plus, while it is understandable that Louisiana would want to figure ways to make money with their infrastructure gifts, the Democrats are still in power in Louisiana. And with much of their Urban base scattered and probably unlikely to come back or find themselves welcomed, don't be surprised to see the Louisiana populace take a severe, bitter turn to the hard right.

And now there's another storm on its way, with yet another opening of the dike system flooding Precinct 9. The storm was supposed to hit Houston, now it's aiming at Lake Charles. If the thing turns further east, watch out -- especially where the Achafalaya departs from the Mississippi.

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