Friday, September 09, 2005

Something Oddly Wonderful

Here it is, two weeks into the college football season, and I don't really care how the MSU football team is doing.

Yes, I'm sure they're 1-0, but then that's remembering that they played an MAC team, and I have their websites (sports and collegiate) on my URL list, but I could care less how the team is doing.

Now admittedly, if they get through the meat of their schedule relatively unscathed (beat Michigan or the other two teams) and have a good chance at a New Years Bowl by the time they play in November, I'll probably be following them -- like with basketball and hockey.

It also means my attentions can go to more important things. After all, why focus on two hundred underpaid jocks when there's people on dialysis who need to get to and from their appointments? Like I said, more important things.

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