Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Moon Shots: Did They Happen?

Run across the web pages, and eventually you'll run into the idea that the Moon Landings were faked. The comments may even seem persuasive, and the memory of their happening is fading. Not only that, but what we've had since then has been a low-orbit boondoggle which has led to deaths and proof that people focusing too much on the bottom line don't learn anything worth knowing.

So is there merit?


I remember seeing an experiemnt with a feather and a hammer testing Galileo's contention that things fall at the same speed. If I remember right, they fell at the same speed, with both items falling smoothly and evenly, with no hanky panky on either side. One would have to rework that stuff thousands of times to get the whole set right.

Then there's the matter of getting everything in focus. All you really need to do that is a pinhole to focus a camera through. Everything comes out clear and detailed, both near and far, although in a small area.

Again, the information is out there. Sometimes the question is what to look for and where to find it.

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