Sunday, January 01, 2006

New, Specialized Blog/Goodbye, 2005, Glad To See You Go!

First, here's Sling Poet Blog; my newest blog dedicated to the idea of writing poetry once a week, at least.

The idea came from another writer, who decided to write a poem for every week. It ended up being during 2,000, which meant he had a sizable entry on what appeared to be a theft of the Florida vote from the Dems.

Now, onto my thoughts about 2005:

To quote Bob Schieffer (the host of Face The Nation), The best thing to say about 2005 is that it is over and we survived. ALMOST anything should be better than 2005, a year which saw Intelligent Design try to obliterate science in the classroom, a president admits to impeachable offenses to the cheers of the peanut gallery, and the American Economy becomes a debtor branch of China. Add in The Death of The Pentultimate American City (I wrote a few posts on this subject), and you got an ugly year in review.

At least Hollywood started expanding its repitoire of plots to include Christian-friendly stuff. And just in time, too -- their usual stuff sucked much more than usual, and the Christian-friendly plots were pretty much the only things worth going to (and no, I'm not counting "Brokeback Mountain." Anything with that much hype is to be devoutly avoided, no matter what it is.).

Anyway, there's a starting post (ignore the one below, as it's necessary details needing to go up) for The Sling Poet Blog

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