Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Impeach Now. You Know Why.

Bush Flips Off The Press (Run Quicktime Item)

Yes, that is his middle finger.

No, none of the other fingers are up.

Also, I know thumbs. That isn't one.

Don't ask me whom it's aimed at. I know (and can guess, in addition).

And don't remind me it's old.

I just know this is wrong. Absolutely wrong. Definitely not the sort of thing one should expect from the President of The United States. From me, maybe -- I'm impotent enough and can be goaded at odd times to flip the bird -- but NOT the president. And if I were president, I most certainly wouldn't do it under ANY circumstances.

And don't remind me of Reagan doing antlers to the press. He at least warned them, saying "I've been wanting to do this for a long time," so we're talking about someone having some fun. While it may have been a sideways peak into Reagan's true views, it wasn't done in public (it was at a dinner with some of the press).

Impeach the bastard. There's plenty of reasons to do so, even stuff he's admitted to. But this should be the reason he's impeached -- for disprespecting the american people and of the office.

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