Thursday, January 05, 2006

Got The Latest Credit Card Bill...

...and I noticed the minimum payment was now a little higher. It went from 2% to 4% on the one I got.

Not that much of a difference, since I definitely pay more than the minimum. However, I can see where some loser who pays the minimum would have trouble.

Wouldn't surprise me if many of these credit card companies increased their minimum payments expecting the following:
  1. More late fees from suckers unable to meet the minimum payments, and
  2. More charges to fast food places and gas stations as those able to make the payments were forced to charge more in an attempt to juggle their finances.
In a way, I feel for the people who fall for the cards. Having seen my latest card's credit limit go from $6K to $8K to $10K (the latter when my balance was going DOWN), I know the temptation to spend the money. It's almost like the money's begging to be spent.

This is what the card companies want. After all, as long as you're paying interest, the card companies don't have to do anything. Just sit down, watch the money roll in, and set their lawyers on you once you start struggling with the payments.

These are the same folks who keep jacking up the interest rate and sending applications to others. These are the same people who hope for credit fraud so they can pump money out of you for stuff you didn't enjoy.

And you wonder why they don't care what you think of them...

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