Thursday, December 29, 2005

Counting Christmas's Cost

Now that we're well enough past Christmas (That's it's name. No matter its true origins. Get over it.) it has become time to look at what it cost. More to the point, all my gifts and what they cost.
  • Pads of Paper.

    Okay, you're saying "What?" Well, in one of my first postings on this blog, I talked about some expensive pads of paper that nevertheless were perfect gifts for those who write. I ended up buying a grand total of 18 booklets (both Anvil almost-blanks and Oh Boy Lined) for those who appreciate good writing and good paper to write on. Easy giving for me, but costly.

    Cost: $200.00

  • The Muppet Show: Season One

    Two families with kids are able to appreciate the humor (although some of stuff I've seen in the first two selected episodes is actually rather racy. I mean, "Temptation" for a glee-club singalong? And what's (an admittedly mild case of) cleavage doing on the Muppet Show ending?), and a third one for another friend for whom the Muppets were one of the fondest memories of a sad marriage.

    Cost: $100.00

  • A Camera.

    Okay, this was a regift. The reason this counts is because I'd bought a better camera, and instead of selling it, I chose to give it to my brother. The idea being he had complained about his needing a special battery and mine just needed regular AA's.

    Cost: $180.00

Total cost: $480.00. About what I net for a week and a half of work. A sizeable amount, actually, and probably way above what I should have done.

But I have no regrets. This even counts for a triad of booklets I sent to someone I no longer see (nor hope to see, let me add).

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