Friday, December 16, 2005

Surge, Vault, and MDX -- Sodas in the News?

Save Surge Soda
Vault Kicks

Yes, friends, TWO (count them, two) web sites on some odd side soda in the Coca-Cola universe. One of them a (mostly) dead brand, the other a brand about to be released nationally.

I remember Surge. I actually liked it when it came out; as it was a less sweet version of Mountain Dew. Not only that, but the taste was a bit stronger. In fact, it has a slight peppery taste that popped up towards the back of the tongue. It wasn't bitter, but it definitely had a spicy taste to it.

In the end, I believe it was that spicy taste -- and the fact that people tend to look for what is familiar over what is new -- that doomed Surge. And also its bizarre dayglo green color. After all, we're talking about a soda that Coke held high hopes for -- high enough that I saw it at fountain sites (7-11 in Downtown East Lansing, amongst other places) and in One Liter sizes (one that is saved for high-sale products, like Colas, Mountain Dew and Doctor Pepper). Then it failed.

Now we have Vault. It's Surge, but with a better coloring (yellowish instead of dayglo green) and without that peppery back-taste. I'm looking forward to it, as I still love the Surge Taste and Vault Has it.

BTW...Mountain Dew MDX sucks! It's "power pack" is definitely powerless. I've tried it, definitely did nothing to keep me from sleeping on my job.

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grimace said...

look dude, surge isn't an energy drink and never was. as far as i can tell, vault will never last! MDX may fail as well cause it's too expensive for such a small amount.