Wednesday, December 21, 2005

When Sodas Jump The Shark

Okay, I'm going beyond useless, but here's a listing (at least in my mind) of times certain sodas jumped the shark:

  • Coke: With this new "Coke Blak." Coke and COFFEE?
  • Pepsi: Pepsi Half. A rush job, whereas Coke C2 actually looked at balancing the sweetners with some sugar, Pepsi hung its hat on one artificial sweetner (with some sugar). Taste definitely suffered.
  • Dr Pepper: Cherry-Vanilla Dr. Pepper. New Clothes for an old failure.
  • RC Cola: Diet Right gains eighteen different flavors. All because it outlasted saccharine.

I'm sure there's others...

It's Xmas; in time I'll start posting more "issue-oriented" items.

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