Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Is Oprah the new God?

Maybe it's because David Letterman's growing old.
Maybe it's because of his quadruple bypass surgery.
Maybe because he's grown too comfy in his "late night job."
Maybe because he's growing tired of fighting.
Maybe because people have found out his weak spots.

Or maybe now there's a new God in town, and her name is Oprah.

Think of it: who else would make a struggling car company give away a bunch of oversized automobiles? Who else would show up at a store after it had closed and tar and feather the proprietor in front of National TV (and have him like it?) Who else COULD have Scientologists make fools of themsleves?

And who else would show up on David Letterman and say about a public feud: "There was no feud. THERE! WAS! NO! FEUD!"?

Only someone who won the feud and was remaking the event to further humiliate the defeated one.

Remember, this was the same woman who fully remade the bookselling market into what it is today: A haven for female writers and a few males who cater to pro-feminist beliefs. She took the Phil Donahue format and opened it up to everyone from Maury Povich to Jerry Springer to The View.

And now it seems that anyone who's anyone in Hollywood either is a friend of Oprah (which explains the Scientologists making fools of themsleves on her shows) or makes a point not to say anything about her. Seems she can't do anything wrong, an image which has gone so far as to make the comics.

Meanwhile, L, Ron Hubbard is chruning in his grave seeing someone take on the mantle of power he long wanted. Meanwhile, Miscivage's favored son (??) has made a fool of himself. But then...maybe I'm the fool for thinking this; after all we're talking America, where noise is more valued than content.

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