Saturday, July 23, 2005

Why Daley will go down...

Remember Meigs field?

I do.

I also remember the day it was torn up.

I found out when I made it to work (I was working at a business that made news for people). When I entered, the TV was on and on it was a picture of a couple of runways with big "X"s torn through them. Then I saw Mayor Daley blustering on about the safety of the nearby skyscrapers being why he tore up the airport.

Thing is, when he tore up Meigs field, he had just won an election where there were three people ballot but for all intensive purposes he was unopposed. And it wasn't that anyone of any clout wouldn't run against him, it was that there was nobody of enough clout to run against him. That's probably why he felt safe enough to tear up the airport in preparation for a casino on the island (or so I still believe).

Thing is, there were four guys who were in run-offs. I don't know whether he felt things were in the bag or whether he figured he could do without them, but he tore up Meigs Field the day before the run-off elections. And guess what: all four of the men he "supported" lost.

And after that? Well...look at the headlines. All the corruption in Chicago (it's a big city, there'd be corruption even if it was run by fundamentalists on a vow of poverty and chastity) is now pointing up in his direction, and even if there was nothing being done by him, he's gonna be stuck with the responsibility. Already there's plenty of people hoping to get at him, that field will be narrowed down to two or three (maybe one, if everyone gets together and agrees to cooperate).

More on Daley Later

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