Sunday, July 03, 2005

Weekly Song Lyrics: Michael Jackson

Lyrics by Culturecide, crudely placed over Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me."
I'm just an average man, but I've got a dream
I work from 9 to 5, but only temporarily
All I want is to be left alone, but I'm never lonely
I don't need anyone but Michael & me.

Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson
I wanna be like Michael Jackson

When I come home at night, I lock the door real tight
I play Michael's albums again and again
Dancing in the mirror, I look a lot like him
I'm not really sure I'm afraid to be myself
'Cause I open up my eyes and realise I don't exist
People say I'm OK, thank you very much
But myself always reminds me of nothing too much, that's why

I wanna be like Michael Jackson
I wanna be like Michael Jackson; tell me is it just a dream?

I wanna be like you. I wanna be like you.
Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael

Michael appears amidst smoke and fire
A luminous figure, he comes to me with his beautiful smile
With his glittering glove he removes the mysterious shades
And he's gazing at me with the eyes of a god.
Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson!
I wanna be like Michael Jackson!

It's actually quite amazing that this was able to sneak into the record stores back in the eighties -- even with the explosion of the underground that forced every conscientious record store (read: independent and college-town record stores) to expand their selection beyond what was to become the "Big Six Record Companies" (now I think the big three and those bankrupt remains). After all, this was worse than pure piracy -- this was mockery, and of a way that could never be allowed by the record companies and original artists.

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