Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Multiple Vacancies in the Supreme Court

The news hounds hope for multiple vacancies in the Supreme Court

Be careful of what you hope for; you might just get it.

Quite simply, the court has been gradually going to the right for the past few decades. The inability of the Democratic Party to put forth anything resembling a Liberal into the presidency (and sorry, Clinton doesn't count. He was a distraction with the intended (and successful) intent of firing up the religious right and putting the Republicans in charge.) has led to a general drift to the right as the right has gained in power and influence. O'Conner, definitely to the right when sworn in, now can be considered left of center upon retirement. Same for Kennedy, IMHO (since Republicans then didn't consider Abortion worth fighting for then, but do now).

It's kind of interesting that, with everyone supposedly getting mobilized, the only stand named are the anti-contraceptive lobbies. Makes ME wonder if that's who we're going to deal with, with this Gonzales friend of Bush as the distraction at the moment. I'm sure he's told the press to push up the anti-contraceptive lobbies, so that the public accepts at some level when an extremist anti-contraceptive is finally put to the senate.

And besides, I'm thinking of something else. I'm afraid -- that Frisk, DeLay and the right wing pundits know something most of us don't. Something deep, dark and powerful. Something that could kill the Democratic Party.

And the only thing stopping them is the fillibuster. Remove that, and you can kill the Democrats.

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