Sunday, October 02, 2005

What Bo Meant by "Proper Perspective"

U of M Wins, Again

So, for the first time since 1983, Michigan State has had four years without a victory against Michigan. That means that unless there are some players who were redshirted freshmen back in 2001, nobody on the team has defeated Michigan. Worse yet, it appears that Michigan State played like a team bound to lose.

Thing is, I don't remember Bo's comment about the return of "Proper Perspective," but I think it want along these lines:

"They come to our place, we beat them. We go to there place, we beat them. No need to worry, for they're always under us."

And so it goes. Michigan State Football has always stuck itself behind (or at best alongside) Michigan Football since 1965, its last year of untarnished glory. Since then, it has found a way to lose enough so that (at least in the overall standings) it's not higher than Michigan. In the years it defeated Michigan, it found a way to lose to another team -- last time they beat Michigan they lost to the two last place teams in the Big Ten (!!!).

Fact is, until the MSU football team can feel comfortable enough with itself to finish ahead of Michigan when it has the head start to do so (even now they got a better record), nobody (outside of ND, who presently has no choice) will give them respect. And now, that they seem to go out of their way to lose what should be their game to win, there's no need for them to think of doing so.

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