Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Virgin In The Supreme Court? (Yet More Constitutional Option Week, vol. 3)

Harriet Meiers Promoted As A Virgin

I don't know about you, but I have further doubts about her.

Sixty years old, no sexual experience (ever, it seems)...and actually quite attractive for a woman her age. Actually looks like someone I wouldn't mind jumping on (or being jumped on by, for that matter...;). No puritanical vows of chastity, either, so it seems.

So my mind starts working overtime (watch out...) and I come to this point in the road:


There are certain issues and aspects of life that celibate people have have been unwilling or unable to experience. As a man single for too long, I'm not exactly ready to identify singlehood as a gift, but intead tag it more as a curse to be endured, if not avoided. I'd almost rather have someone with too much experience than someone with none, right?


Admittedly her time was BEFORE the "Trophy Husband" concept became hip (Trophy Husband: the man a powerful woman grabs up during the years between when she can attract a man with her body and when she can attract a man with her mind. Also known as Mediocre Marks, since that's what they tend to be: Mediocre.). So it was likely that a Career Woman in the most Redneck of States would find herself unmarried until it was too late. A pseudo-boyfriend to go along would also be helpful, as that gives the image of someone committed. Protestant Churches tend to be a bit more tolerant towards situations slightly different than what would be considered "biblical" (twenty-year courtings, oldsters living together but not marrying due to legal issues, etc.), so her "relationship" would be an acceptable analoge for a sexualized marriage she may not have wanted.

So I can set this issue aside. Besides, there's better reasons for opposition -- like her absolute lack of judging experience and dependence on Bush Jr. for her career. At least Roberts had direct experience in the Supreme Court and an abiding respect in the institution (which made him an easy pill to swallow). Also, if I see another photo with Miers in soft focus in the background gazing enrapturedly at the male in the foreground, I'm going to GAG. It's almost like she is a coattail candidate. At least James Danforth Quayle was more qualified for his office than she seems to be.

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