Saturday, October 22, 2005

No Respect Given -- No Respect Deserved

Northwestern Destroys Michigan State, 49-14

Sad. Very Sad. Actual score: 49-7, with MSU scoring 7 garbage points near the end.

Here it is, a team that beats Notre Dame (Yes, they lost to USC, but unlike your average team it was ONLY by three points) and pushes Michigan to overtime bending over for a deep penetration by Northwestern.

Which was the farce? I'm thinking the victory over ND was a farce, and should be revoked.

Once again, as with Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame and others, they come out well in the first half (although miscues tended to obscure that fact) only to turn around and bend over the second half. Almost as if they figure out some gimmick to come out ahead but can't correct when the other team figures out the gimmick.

And they wonder why no one takes them seriously.

Fact is, no one should. They haven't proven that they can sustain a whole game for two years when it matters. Fact is, even if they had scored on the drives they turned over the ball in the first half, they would have lost to Northwestern -- that's how badly they played in the second half.

Understand this: until they can give a full game's play week after week, they won't be playing in any bowl worth playing in soon. Already we've been passed by by Wisconsin and Northwestern. Who's next -- Indiana and Illinois?

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