Thursday, October 06, 2005

Robert Brown and the Duty To Life:

Chief Justice John Roberts Aggressively Defends The Federal Government's Right To Dictate Life to the Dying

Okay, so it's just his opposition towards a patchwork of states that might turn a state or two into a haven for those who want to die (or want others to die). But it's strong enough that Roberts would make sure to comment on it strongly, and often.

My take: While I am a supporter of the right to choose the conditions under which one would prefer death (which is what the right to die is about) I see the logic of the opposition -- the "right to die" can be easily switched to the "duty to die" from doctors who'd rather spend their time on those they can heal and relatives looking at the cash in the bank accounts of their elder relatives. Then there's the slippery slope between a personal wish not to live one's life like Terri Schivo and a movement to kill off anyone not "healthy enough to live." While I would welcome a law that would tell me what I'd need to do to insure I live under normal conditions, I can see where an automatic "keep alive at all costs for all people" would set some people's hearts at ease.

Probably my biggest fear is seeing bed after bed of brain-dead people kept alive because of a beating heart, a human body that once ran around freely, and somebody who loves them now that they can't do anything to disappoint them. Or, worse yet, joining them.

I haven't gotten my living will together yet, but I will want to do so. While I still have the right (or ability) to.

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