Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Another Case of Neocon Misdirection

Remember Newt Gingrich? The guy who took on the Democratic party through the eighties and nineties, and won?

I'm sure you've heard the tale on how he was caught in a tryst with some young thing in his office, and had to resign his leadership role. Seems the story has made its rounds all over.


I remember how, once Newt, once his party became the majority party, pissed off the young bucks in his party by actually working with Clinton on various things. The attempted government shutdown didn't do them to well, either ( I do remember that very clearly). In the end, Gingrich resigned his leadership almost in tears.

No hidden sex uncovered. Just a change of leaders for a change in position.

The mainstream press (liberal? HAH -- last time they were that, they sided with PATCO against Reagan. Once workers resigned themselves to the new fact that strikes no longer made sense for anyone except the corporations, the press fell slavishly in line.) talked about how he could only agitate; more likely he understood his power was behind the scenes.

A few months later, Newsweek decided that they knew Clinton was guilty of (sex) with an intern but didn't have enough to publish with. So the editorial board wired Drudge with the scoop, and the rest was history. Gingrich smiled, knowing he no longer had to act to damage the Democrats.

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