Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Women Having Sex With Boys, And the Men Who Envy Them

Debra LaFave is Free, according to the web site

Once again, a female "Sex Offender" was on the news. And once again, some male talking head (who will remain nameless here) was whining about how she got away with her crime. And once again, the guy's jealousy spews forth (since chances are he had once wanted to have sex with his female teachers while in high school, and now wants to have sex with as many adolescent girls as he can get away with).

And always the complaint: "Why do women 'sex offenders' get lighter sentances than men 'sex offenders'?"

Well, I have a few answer to those questions:
  1. The boys are usually eager to get seduced by the women, whereas most of the time the girls get themselves forced on by the men. There is a difference. After all, a girl has to deal with something inside her, plus the threat of pregnancy and shame.

  2. In relation to the above point, since it's the older woman who's taking the risk, it must be assumed there is some willingness on both sides. No need to coerce, especially extra-horny male teens (fourteen and already their sexual powers can only go down).

  3. Usually it's just one or two boys who are taken by the women, whereas there's usually a trail of girls taken by the men. This translates to a possibility of rehabilitation for the woman, versus a need for speed in getting rid of the man. The correlation to this is that you should see more severe penalties laid on repeat offenders -- like, say, Mary Kay LaTourneau, or the Mom who hosted parties so she could seduce teenaged boys.

  4. The women are rarely in a position of adequate control, whereas the men usually are in positions of control.

    Think about it: A teacher usually deals with tens of students in a class, hundreds of students every day. The student wanting intimate time with the teacher will have to show enough initiative so that a willing teacher can start the seduction. Now, a coach or religious leader has a stick which he can coerce the other, as the child (can be male or female) FEELS A NEED to please the other (usually a man). Take away enough scruples, and you can guess the outcome.

  5. Girls are more likely to keep silent than boys. Especially the type of boys who are likely to be seduced by teachers. We're talking alpha-males-in-training; why should they keep quiet about their overaged conquest?
If you're wondering about the difference, consider this: Mary Kay LaTourneau seduced ONE (count them -- one) man, and stuck with him through that whole time. One story I heard had a male high school coach being so brazen as to have a girl show up clothed with only a towel at an appointed time, and at that time the coach would come out fo the shower with the girl he had taken five minutes ago. And this guy had twelve girls under him, and for quite a few years. A changing roster of girls, may I add.

One vs hundreds.

No comparison, really. And full reason for the lack of severity for first time female 'offenders' (compared to their male counterparts).

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