Sunday, November 13, 2005

An Open Letter to Pat Robertson

Okay, so I know you have to damn people sometimes, in times where unrepentent sin pops its ugly head.

I know you had to do it in Orlando, Florida, when they welcomed Faggots instead of using them to kindle their fires. Even though the hurricanes that came through ended up making the rest of the state suffer more than Orlando.

I know you had to take heart in what happened in New Orleans when Ellen DeGeneres hosted a gala in Hollywood. Even though an earthquake forcing the building where the gala was at to collapse would have been a better punishment than a ton of water aimed at people who had no way of escaping what was going on all around them.

And I understand that you had to damn the people in Dover, Pennsylvania, for revolting against a bunch of people who wanted Intelligent Design taught as Revealed Truth shown as Scientific Fact (instead of the Belief that it more properly is).

Now, if I may ask a more radical concept of you: how about some healing power to people?

I live with a woman whose left leg and arm have never recovered from the stroke she suffered seven years ago. Not only that, but her left hipbone broke recently; causing more trouble in her left side. Maybe you should pray for the total healing of her left leg and left arm.

Okay, want to give a blessing to a believer? How about this one: A woman I know who suffers from umpteen unknown diseases that once made her grossly fat. She's able to control her weight, but with numerous pills and not really as well as she needs to. Maybe you should ask God to heal her from the diseases that make her both sick and strongly obsessive-compulsive to the degree that she is.

There's two people there who could use God's healling power; instead of a Damning God looking for people to punish. I'm sure you could find more, but these are the two I can imagine at the moment.

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