Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why I Still Identify as a Democrat

For me it's a matter of economics.

While one could make the case that the Democratic party has taken the economic side of its platform for granted and tried to get the "ideological" vote, the Republican Party has not changed its stripes. And those stripes are:
  1. The corporatization of rights; i.e. rights will be held by corporations; individuals will not have rights as indviduals.
  2. Limitation of rights to economic; all other rights don't matter.
  3. Rights measured by wealth. More money, more rights, less money, less rights.
  4. Unions will be illegal, as workers will be unable to unite to protect their interests.
  5. All protections that are aimed towards people will disappear. Watch the smokestacks turn black with pollution (at least we'll be able to combat Global Warming) and food become poisonous. Watch health care places suddenly put a bar on who can be welcomed in -- based on ability to pay, of course.
  6. "Intellectual Property Rights" will be used to overturn the 13th Amendment (you know, the one banning private slavery). Laws will, of course, "bar" color-based enslavement activity, not that the laws will have any effect...

Note that I said nothing about Abortion. I think Abortion is just a distraction, and I believe that if the Democrats were to decide to stand with the Right in banning Abortion itself you'd see the Republicans reduced to a rump party unable to get a majority even in the South.

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