Monday, May 15, 2006

Will The Fundamentalists ACTUALLY Stand By Their Threat?

Conservative Christians Criticize Republicans

What would be interesting if these guys were to bolt the Republican Party. Either someone would get them back on, or they would be written off for a couple of years.

Thing is, they could easily cause more ruckus on the off-year elections, when people generally don't pay attention to things because there's no governor or president being elected. They wouldn't even need to support anyone for President; all they'd need to do is act when everyone else is sleeping.

And they're the type of people who'd act when people are asleep.

And it's those type of people who succeed.

You know. The sleepy left derisively refers to them as conservatives. They then fall asleep and wake up again at the mercy of the conservatives.

Seen it too many times to cry anymore.

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