Friday, May 26, 2006

No Longer The Detroit Baseball Putty-Tats

I'm looking at the Major League Baseball Standings, and I notice the team atop the American Central is Detroit. Not Chicago (although they've got a better team than last year's), not Cleveland and certainly not Minnesota (the team that's bedevilled Detroit, even before they got consigned to that Dome).

I would have been happy had Detroit been doing mere .550 ball (and they may drop to that level before the year is through). As long as we have a team able to win more than lose and what looks like a strong future, I'd have took it. However, this is a definite plus.

If this keeps up through the end of the season, the Tigers will have finally gotten out of the doldrums they were stuck in since the second half of the 1988 season. While Detroit came in second that season, the team stalled to a halt over the second half, and went to fall totally apart in the nineties and the early years of this new century.

And now? At the very least, I can call them the TIGERS!!! Yes, the Tigers. No longer the "Detroit Baseball Putty-Tats" (musn't confuse them with their football bretheren, who've perfected the art of sucking in another league), but now the "Detroit Tigers!"

Yes! Finally!

(Yes, it's been that long since I could point to my baseball team with pride.)

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