Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Garfield Without the Cat's Thought Balloons:

Garfield without the cat's thoughts: random cartoons

Garfield without the cat's thoughts: Jon goes into Madness

Here's a couple of links which takes a look at that most generic of all comics: Garfield. Thing is, they take away Garfield's thought balloons and leave Jon talking to himself.

Very existential, and sometimes morbid. Can also be funny, with the right cartoons.

There's also been some odd items where Garfield was totally removed, and also a Garfield randomizer which was removed when Mr. Davis (owner of Garfield) realized it was funnier than he'd ever be and "Intellectual Property'd" it out of existence.

Do I hate Garfield? Nah. Could care less about it, as it's probably the blandest thing out there. I've seen much better, smarter, and more sensual comics die untimely deaths while stuff that makes pablum look tasty, juicy and colorful lives on and on.

Just my two cents worth.

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