Tuesday, March 07, 2006

2004: The year the moral shoe dropped

  1. Ronald Reagan was elected to office thanks so some dodgy activities by Iran and the good luck of running against a president who was both unlucky and bad. After getting shot by some lovesick dweeb (It makes total sense to me that Jodie Foster's queer. Thank you, Hinkley.), he was able to crush the PATCO union, setting off the persecution of workers that marked the Reagan Administration. The Minimum Wage becoming useless.
Thus the economic shoe was dropped. This is why CEOs get millions of dollars specifically for disinvesting in America and looting worker's retirement funds. This is why unemployment is now considered God's Justice. That's why Bankrupcy law now only exists for corporations (the bankruptcy law needed adjusting, not gutting and ruining).
  1. A president who got in thanks to his brother's fixing the vote in Florida (and a Democratic Candidate who chose to lose instead of admit the party's need for Black voters) gets a(n appearant) majority of the popular vote the second time. As such, it counts as a mandate (twice: first for gaining in percentage of votes, second because before he had the minority of votes and now he got the majority of votes) not just for him, but for the Xians who supported him at the pulpits and ballots.
Thus we see the moral shoe drop. How far this will go is not yet known, but already there've been changes: A historically conservative justice nominee was tossed aside for a known moral conservative. One state (admittedly the least important state in the union) has taken the two rulings (Roe v Wade: No Bans on Abortion; Doe v Bolton: Must Allow for Life and/or Health of Mother) to its most restrictive interpretation: Abortion allowed ONLY in cases where the life of the mother is in danger. Other states are jumping at the bit to take that step, and should the Supreme Court accept it (No need for reshaping precident -- as I stated above, it can be read as fitting in the Roe v Wade/Doe v Bolton mix) be assured that you'll be able to count the states with "liberal" abortion laws (allows for incest and rape, also some overly busy clinics for other cases) on two hands (although not with all fingers and thumbs).

And no, this isn't paranoia talking: Voting Christians are the most active group in politics (outside of the corporatistas, of course) in the United States. And while it's supposed to be majority rule (or consideration), usually it's those who shout the loudest that get what's theirs. And who was the largest group of voters in 2004? Voting Christians, with 22% of voters, 40+% of Bush's support. Needless to say, the loudest voice gets heard and listened to and obeyed; just watch the laws passed.

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