Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Super Bowl Stuff V: SB XL Roundup

Okay, so I'm a bit late here: My Super Bowl Comments:
  1. The Star Spangled Banner: sucked, swallowed, and begged to suck again. Mr. Neville looked like he was failing at mailing it in, and Aretha Franklin looked like an amateur trying to act like she was adding her own thing. I hope that was taped; don't ask me why for I can't exactly explain it.

  2. Four commercials worth remembering:
    • The Bud Light (?) commercial where the guy tackles the woman and disses on her. So over the top and unexpected you have to laugh (nervously, but laugh nevertheless).
    • The Ameriserve Commercial where the guys finally kill the bug, say "we finally did him in" and turn to see the wife and kids, stunned.
    • The Ameriserve commercial where the woman tries to get to her seat only to be bumped onto another guy's seat in time for the lights to go on and him to bite off her bra. Definitely looks racy, and gets the point across (we won't judge).
    • The Budweiser commercial where the juvenile clysedale pushes the Bud cart...with the help of two adult clysedales and an old man telling the dog "I won't tell if you won't tell."

  3. The halftime show was better than many I've seen (and some I haven't. Any halftime show that needs controversy to be remembered is better off forgotten -- hear me, Janet?). I would have liked a fourth song and gotten more SATISFACTION from a shorter version of a certain song, but it could have also been worse -- Mick Jagger could have been mailing it in and he still would have put on a show, at least he has kept that knowledge up over forty years of performing.

  4. The game itself was acceptable. While I want great plays and a cliffhanging finale (or for the Detroit Football Puddy-Tats to show up and butcher the opposition in a Superbowl SOME TIME in my lifetime), the least I can ask for is for both teams to play all sixty minutes of football, and this game gave me that. While Seattle may have suffered from a bad penalty call and some bad clock management towards the end, they played the whole game and forced Pittsburgh to do so. I got a full game's action and no mood shots of the losing team's moping sideline halfway through the third quarter; and for that I'm happy.

  5. And finally, remember, it's just a game. One that sets up bragging rights for the next year, but just a game nevertheless. Too many have forgotten that point and given it more importance than it deserves.

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