Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dissolve The Democratic Party?

Time For a New Party(?)

Interesting topic, interesting viewpoint, good tack. I agree with the idea that the Dems have gone from being the party in power to the opposition party to what I call the "Straw Party" used to identify enemies to abuse and neglect.

Problem is, I'm not sure I want the Democratic Party to dissolve.

Not because I suddenly believe that Abortion should become a rite of passage for our girls to enter into adulthood with. Not because I've learned that the Democratic party has suddenly become the party of stand-ups and that the rest of non-corporatista America is about to learn that truth and line up to join. Not because the democrats suddenly realized that they could make the Republicans a moot party by changing their mind on Abortion.

But because I don't think that a second party could now legally arise in this nation.

Seriously: the way the laws are set up presently make it almost impossible for a third party to make it to the ballot at many places, and unless they receive a certain amount of votes in an election they have to go through the same thing again next time. Makes things hard for a new party to make it, and imagine some single-party state using the rules to make it impossible for an opposition party to even exist.

Anyway, here's a list of possible happenings, as my limited viewpoint lets me see:
  1. The Democratic Party dissolves, the Republicans Split into Two

    • Hoped For: The Christian Right remembers Jesus's teachings, takes on the Democrat's pre-1972 idea of standing up for the little man. While abortion may become illegal, it actually becomes folded in with the idea of caring for everyone -- and the corporatistas become the minority.

    • Feared: Corporatistas rule both parties, the question becomes who'll be your God: Jehovah, or Wal-Mart (and be sure you give what both group considers their due, or suffer the consequences).

  2. The Democratic Party Dissolves, Republicans stay as one party

    • Hoped For: New party (somehow) arises, takes on almost all the Democrats and the Republicans who fear the Democrats but not a new party, makes the Corporatistas again the minority force.

    • Most Feared: Republicans able to hold down outside dissent, give enough to the Christian right to keep them under control, create a Dictatorship of the Corporate elite

  3. Democrats able to hold together

    • Hoped For: Democrats start standing up, able to grab another group of voters on board.

    • Feared: Democrats stay a straw party, eventually votes are faked so that certain areas are marked for attack and looting by the ruling party.
Finally: while it may be easier to enter into the Democratic Party and save it from the inside, there may not be enough time. I don't like the idea of destroying the Democratic Party (why risk letting the Republicans have a chance at creating one-party rule and recreating slavery while they're at it?) but it may need to be done.

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