Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Real Reason for Our Present Occupation of Iraq

Does anyone remember that we went to war with Iraq in 1991?

Does anyone remember that we fought and won a quick war then, with the rest of the world along for the ride?

Does anyone remember that we've since enforced no-fly rules and a blockade against Iraq from 1991 to 2003?

Does anyone remember that Saddam Hussain did marches and speeches that declared he won the war against America?

While it's obvious that the president lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction to get us into a war, the fact was we had just spent twelve years holding down a country and its dictator. How much longer would we have had to do before we let up?

We would have had to do something when Hussain died anyway, and who says what's happening there now would not have happened then? And who says it wouldn't have been worse then? Especially with France and Germany having had greater profits and investment in the country after five, ten -- maybe twenty years of investing in Saddam's oil production in secret.

I don't like the war as it's presently fought, nor do I like how we were brought into it; but I fear this war was necessary given what had happened.


Eric said...

Now that's some common sense Don. If both liberals and conservatives thought more like what you just stated, we'd be in a much better spot right now... I think.

Donald Hargraves said...

Thanks. Just something I keep remembering as the discussion continues to spiral out of control.